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Virtual Conflict: Barriers to Collaboration in Global Teams

Lack of communication skills in the workforce is causing a drop-off in collaboration and innovation capabilities in global firms. This report looks at the specific communication problems of virtual teams.


The innovative company: How multinationals unleash their creative potential

An Economist Intelligence Unit report that explores the challenges companies face when trying to promote innovation across departmental and national boundaries.



You can’t do business with the rest of the world if you can’t speak the same language. With 2 billion people who are now either native speakers or learning it, that language is English, and it’s connecting the global economy.

We help our customers accelerate English learning so they can grow faster, collaborate better and run more efficiently. With our modern, innovative approach – the EF Method™ – your people will make more progress in less time than they would with traditional learning methods.

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Depending on how much time you have to develop your language skills, we’ve structured our programs to help you get there as fast as you possibly can.

From experience, we know that immersing yourself in the language abroad is the fastest way to learn a new language. On the other hand, if you’d prefer a program that relied predominantly on flexible self-study, or one that is guided by our global network of EF Teachers, we have a range of programs that can suit your specific needs.


Our Clients

We’re proud to have worked with over 2,500 incredible companies around the world, all committed to being strategic about language learning.


Good English is good business, says new research from EF Education First

English remains the dominant language of business and proficiency in English directly affects companies’ fortunes around the globe, according to the results of a new research report published today by EF Education First, the leading language training provider.
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EF-University of Tokyo Program for Brain Research on Second Language Acquisition November 2015

EF Education First and the University of Tokyo launch research project to identify brain mechanisms involved in second language development and use. Dec 10


17 November 2015

How the right kind of testing helps English learners. A new blog post from EF Corporate Solutions
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14 NOVEMBER 2015

Making e-learning content come alive. A new blog post from EF Corporate Solutions.

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