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The New York Times  - International, 09 dec 2013

Bring in People Who Are Better Than You

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Inc.  - International, 20 dec 2012

World's Coolest Offices: Your Picks

EF featured in Inc.com as one of the "World's Coolest Offices".

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Wired  - , 30 okt 2012

EF Classroom App Ushering in Paperless Education of the Future

There was a time when the most interactive thing about a classroom was the chalkboard. The grating chalkboard eventually gave way to the whiteboard, which has recently given way to...

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New York Times  - International, 28 okt 2012

Low English Levels Can Hurt Countries' Progress

Countries with poor English-language skills also have lower levels of trade, innovation and income, according to a report released last week.

The report ranks 54 countries where English is not a native language, with the top five being Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland and Norway. The bottom five were Colombia, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Libya.

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Forbes  - New York, 26 okt 2012

English - The Language of Global Business

With China’s growing economic might, is Mandarin becoming the preferred language of business? Not anytime soon, says a newly released study.

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The Economist  - New York, 24 okt 2012

English where she is spoke

Last year we looked at the first-ever global survey of English-language skills by EF Education First, a teaching company. This year, EF has produced its second study of the same subject. It's worth revisiting for the changes between last year and this one.

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Management Thinking Blog  - , 11 okt 2012

Mind your language (skills)

Seven billion people speak seven thousand languages. The world is a noisy place and so we struggle to overcome a persistent obstacle: understanding each other.Read more

The Boston Globe  - Boston, 25 sep 2012

New NorthPoint project making a big splash

EF Education First’s new $125 million, 300,000-square-foot headquarters will be situated at the foot of the Zakim Bridge. Construction is to begin Tuesday and be completed by spring of 2014.

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 - Japan, 02 jul 2012

Rakuten's English Policy: Just Speak It

When Rakuten Inc. introduced an English-only policy for company communications in May 2010 as part of founder and CEO Hiroshi Mikitani’s push to globalize the Japanese Web commerce firm, critics questioned the wisdom in forcing staff to communicate with each other in their non-native tongue.

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 - International, 21 mei 2012

A Way Up For Women in Business

Tanja Levine, executive director at Hult International Business School, provides on women in MBAs and what Hult is doing to support women in pursuing a graduate degree.See full article

 - International, 09 mei 2012

Hodges: The UK's Looming Brain Drain


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 - China, 04 mei 2012

WSJ "The Cost of Not Doing Business in English"


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 - International, 04 mei 2012

Bailey: Language Barriers and Miscommunications are Stifling Growth


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 - London, 04 apr 2011

The EF EPI Index is featured on the Monocle Weekly radio broadcast

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 - Nederland, 30 mrt 2011

Interview over EF English Proficiency Index op Radio BNR

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 - Nederland, 30 mrt 2011

Personeelsnet - Nederland handelsland is goed in Engels

Inwoners van Noord-Europese landen zijn het best in Engels als tweede taal. Na de Noren, beheersen Nederlanders de Engelse taal het best. We moeten wel, vanwege de export.

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 - USA, 30 mrt 2011

The Financial Times - China: better English students than India?

When the British Council published a study saying China had more English speakers than India readers with experience of both countries wondered aloud where China was hiding all those Anglophones. Even in Shanghai, with its British colonial past, taxi drivers are about as likely to speak English as they are to obey traffic signs; neither has really caught on.

Now comes another study about how China is drawing neck and neck with India – and eroding the comparative advantage of the sub-continent.

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 - New York, 23 jan 2011

The New York Times - Business Schools With a Social Appeal

Business schools can be cutthroat places. After struggling to gain admission to the top schools, students compete for grades and the best work placements. Meanwhile, the schools themselves jostle for position in the various global rankings, competing in order to attract the most able students. But in the never-ending battle for dominance, one London business school has decided to appeal not to potential students’ wallets, but to their consciences.

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