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EF Releases Its Latest Mobile App: EF MyWords, the Ultimate 5 Minute Word Workout

Forget endless drills, boring lessons, and out-of-touch books - English language learning has been turned on its head with EF MyWords, a new mobile 5 minute word workout. Available for free at the App Store http://itunes.apple.com/US/app/ef-mywords-english/id393088047?mt=8.

Students cite that language learning can be time consuming and overwhelming. To solve this, EF Education First, the world’s leading private education company, introduced EF Mywords. EF MyWords, breaks through the clutter to provide a structured, accelerated approach based on 5 learning exercises — Recognition, Listening, Recall, Visualization and Pronunciation. Integrated into EF’s advanced learning system, EF MyWords curates a daily list of eight words, targeted using student skill level and learning history.

“Our students lead busy lives. Our mobile initiatives give students a convenient and flexible way to practice English,” says Bill Fisher, EF Englishtown CEO. “We are focused on perfecting the fastest way to learn a language. EF MyWords is another huge step in that direction.”

EF MyWords represents a burgeoning revolution in language learning. Mobile and digital technology has unleashed a wealth of pedagogical possibilities, augmenting traditional textbooks with images, audio, and voice recognition.

MyWords is the latest update in EF’s investment in mobile, which includes a growing constellation of English learning apps, both as standalone tools and classroom aids. In addition to EF High Flyers, an iPad app for children learning English, EF has brought its full courseware, EF Englishtown, to the iPad, including rich, interactive lessons, high quality movies, and individual progress tracking.

In its brick and mortar schools, EF Education First has continued to invest in innovation. With EF’s upcoming classroom app for its language schools, teachers will able be to seamlessly share content and videos with their students, in the classroom. With plans to invest in thousands of iPads across EF’s 400 schools, the future of education has arrived.

About EF Education First:

Established in 1965 with the mission to "break down barriers in language, culture, and geography", EF Education First (EF) is the world's leading international education company. With a network of 400 schools and offices, including the world’s largest online English school www.englishtown.com, EF specializes in language training, educational travel, academic degrees, and cultural exchange programs, having helped 15 million students worldwide. EF published the English Proficiency Index (www.ef.com/epi) which measures English ability across the world. Media inquiries please email press@ef.com.

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